Launching and Growing A Multi-Specialty Medical Center in South Carolina’s Lowcountry

Business Development, Creative Services, Public Relations, Social Media, Website Development
About This Project

An established ophthalmologist in South Carolina’s Lowcountry was planning to bring together top physician practices throughout the region to launch a state-of-the-art multi-specialty medical center in Bluffton, South Carolina.  The new medical center needed a creative name and tagline for the facility, a complete branding campaign including logo and visual materials, and a marketing campaign that would quickly and effectively position the new medical center as the region’ premier, and most convenient, health care facility to build each practice within the facility.


  • Naming, logo development and branding of SunGate Medical Center, with the tagline of “Envision Wellness” to effectively highlight both the medical center’s convenient location just outside of Sun City, SC and to tie-in to the well-known ophthalmology practice at the center of the new multi-specialty center.
  • Orchestration of community events, Open Houses and outreach to residents throughout the region to generate pre-opening excitement about SunGate and continue to build a strong patient base for each practice.
  • Create widespread awareness of the leadership role of SunGate’s founder, ophthalmologist Dr. Kenneth Farr, through regular media appearances and monthly columns, to highlight the top quality care available at all practices throughout SunGate.
  • Development of website and execution of social media activities to create and build a strong online presence and draw new patients to the facility, as well as continue to engage them to keep interest in SunGate Medical Center high.


Successfully launched and helped build SunGate Medical Center, creating pre-opening excitement about the opening of the multi-specialty medical center prior to its launch, and continuing to draw new patients to this new facility.  Articles and physician-bylined columns in local newspapers, coupled with a strong online marketing campaign and community events, quickly spread the word about the launch of this new multi-specialty medical center to help differentiate it from its competitors – and built a strong, and growing, patient base.