Are Industry Awards Really Worth It?

Are Industry Awards Really Worth It?

SmartMarketing has received its share of industry awards.  And I have to say, after a long day, I often find myself staring at them and saying, well, at least SOMEONE recognized our hard work!  However, I have often wondered if anybody else pays attention to them.  Granted, industry awards may not feel like an emmy (cut to me in the shower accepting my  Emmy (Read: shampoo bottle), but they do hold important marketing power.  Companies looking for an innovative, cutting edge company are going to be on the look out for these recognitions.  They also give your company a reason to send out news and marketing messaging to your network.  The process to get nominated for most industry awards can frankly be annoying, but the pay off is great…and in our humble opinion, quite worth the time and investment.  Oh, and the award serves another purpose: You can replace the shampoo bottle with an actual award!

So, that begs the question; Do you think industry awards matter?  Discuss.

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