Five Marketing Strategies To Help You Thrive in the “New Normal”

Five Marketing Strategies To Help You Thrive in the “New Normal”

You’ve heard the saying about “the best-laid plans of mice and men,” but as this last year has shown, the best-laid plans of business owners are especially likely to go awry. The COVID-19 pandemic obliterated project timelines and expansion plans across industries, forcing business owners to pivot their marketing strategies on a dime. But now that the pandemic is (finally) coming to an end, they’re left with a new challenge: implementing marketing strategies fit for the post-pandemic economy.

Not sure how to revise your marketing plan as we leave “unprecedented times” behind? We’ve identified five post-pandemic marketing strategies that you can implement today.

Focus on your current customers.

Marketing plans are typically geared towards bringing in new business, but if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that the businesses that survived the economic crash wouldn’t have made it without their most loyal supporters. If you have a little extra room in the budget, reward your most loyal customers with free “add-ons” or exclusive content, and if money is tight, a personalized thank-you email can go a long way. This may also be a good time to implement a rewards program to encourage brand loyalty moving forward.

Optimize user experiences.

The onset of COVID-19 exposed the shortcomings in our online sales strategies, including how often business owners updated their websites or whether they formatted digital content for mobile use. They needed to optimize online outlets to mitigate poor user experience, as well as train employees or adopt new platforms to deliver online services. Even though you might be able to open your office doors again, there’s a good chance much of your traffic will be online. Regularly update your website and promote online shopping or ordering experiences to give customers more opportunities to engage with you.

Use generational messaging.

We saw each generation experience this crisis differently, and as marketers, we had to be cognizant of how to communicate with each age group during the pandemic. While Gen Xers struggled to homeschool their children while working from home, Gen Z’s took to social media to voice their opinions about social causes. The unique challenges each generation faced during the pandemic almost necessitated audience segmentation, a strategy you should continue to use moving forward. Tailoring your messages and offerings to specific buyers won’t just allow you to reach your target market, it will help you connect with them.

Get ready to go big.

Economists believe we are on the cusp of a major economic boom driven by consumers who are ready to travel, try new experiences, and treat themselves after a long, hard year inside. But the work’s not over yet: businesses are about to compete for the attention of all those buyers who have their debit cards at the ready. You’ll want to bring your best to the arena – so start considering potential promotions, campaigns, or events that will set your business apart.

Think beyond the template.

The pandemic caused entrepreneurs to consider aspects of their business model that aren’t typically covered in a typical marketing plan, like digital engagement and internal communication. So when you’re putting your next set of strategies on paper, feel free to include additional tactics that your previous marketing plan didn’t cover, like a customer journey strategy or plans for strategic partnerships. You might also set aside funds for a “Never Been Done Budget,” which will allow your team to test its creative limits as we venture into the “new normal.”

This year has underscored the importance of creativity, connection, and consumer engagement – which are our specialties. Using smart thinking, smart strategies, and some truly smart marketing, our team can help you create and implement a marketing plan that allows your business to thrive in the post-pandemic future. Give us a call at 888-587-4593 or email us to learn more about our marketing, public relations, and creative services.

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