Kids Help Make a Bandage Cure More Than a Boo-Boo

Kids Help Make a Bandage Cure More Than a Boo-Boo

Winning Entries in the Bandage Art Contest Featured in New Line of Bandages … With 100% of Profits Donated to Help Fight Pediatric Cancer

Hundreds of children throughout the country have shared their messages of hope and inspiration for kids battling cancer – through a unique opportunity to create their very own line of Ouchies bandages.  After reviewing the hundreds of entries, and after thousands of people cast their votes for their favorite design via Facebook, the winners of the “Ouchies for Others” Pediatric Cancer Bandage Art Contest have been selected  – with five winning entries about to see their designs featured on a new line of Ouchies Bandages to be available this Summer.

The winners of the “Ouchies for Others” Pediatric Cancer Bandage Art Contest are:
•    Amber Moosvi, Age 17, Des Plaines, Illinois
o     Name of artwork: “Broken Bear”
o    Story behind artwork: The picture that I made represents two things. The Teddy Bear with a bandage and the feel better soon balloon represents that I’m not completely better but soon I will be because my broken bear has a bandage.  The stars represent all of the people who support me in my battle with Brain Cancer. I couldn’t fit everyone because I have so many people supporting me and I appreciate them so much.

•    Sammy Smith, Age 13, Sandusky, Ohio
o    Name of artwork: “You’re Almost There”
o    Story behind the artwork: Just remember that every time you get a poke or surgery that are on step closer!  That’s what keeps me going!

•    Tenia Richardson, Age 9, Michigan
o    Name of Artwork: “Love is Cure”
o    Story behind the artwork: I believe with enough love you can cure anything to make a brighter day.

•    Laura Vargas, Age 10, San Antonio, Texas
o    Name of Artwork: “You Can Be Pain Free”
o    Story behind the artwork:  I wanted to do this because I had cancer myself so I wanted other kids not to let themselves down and show them that you can have fun during cancer treatment and never give your hopes up and look cool with my bandage.

•    Erin Lisk, Age 12, Howell, New Jersey
o    Name of Artwork:  “Never Give Up”
o    Story behind the artwork:  My Mom had cancer and even though it was painful she never gave up.  Now she is happy and healthy.

Through the “Ouchies for Others” program, Ouchies gives 100% of profits from the sale of this unique line of bandages to varied not-for-profit organizations.  All profits from the sale of these new bandages will be going to benefit the important work being done by three national pediatric cancer organizations: The Childhood Leukemia Foundation and the American Childhood Cancer Organization.

More than 400 children submitted their designs for the “Ouchies for Others” contest, which gave them the opportunity to tell their own story about the fight against pediatric cancer or anything else uplifting – with the chance to have their designs featured in the new “Ouchies for Others” bandages and tin.  Some offered words of encouragement and a message to “Stay Strong.”  Others drew intricate, colorful designs geared to make others smile.  A few know exactly what it’s like for a child to have cancer because they have battled the disease themselves — and many others know someone who has been impacted by childhood cancer and wanted to do whatever they can to help.  Each entry told its own special story – and deciding on a winner wasn’t easy.

“We wanted to give children the opportunity to help other kids in need, whether its an encouraging word, uplifting picture or story,” says Ian Madover, CEO of Ouchies, who developed the “Ouchies for Others” program as a way to raise awareness, and funds, for not-for-profit organizations serving the needs of children.  “Kids with cancer get pricked many times a day and we thought it only makes sense to put the two together.”

All contest entries can be viewed online at  The five winning entries were selected based on a panel of judges voting from a pool of 25 finalists that had received the most “likes” on Ouchies’ Facebook page.

“We are thrilled that so many children entered our contest, and were truly touched by the beautiful designs and stories they created and shared with us,” says Jennifer Saporta, Director of Sales & Marketing at Ouchies. “The ‘Ouchies for Others’ program has given us the unique opportunity to work with amazing organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children with cancer. We are beyond honored to be able to partner with them and help to increase their tremendous efforts in the fight against pediatric cancer.”

For more information on Ouchies for Others and the Bandage Art Contest, visit For more information on the partner organizations, or to make a donation, visit The Childhood Leukemia Foundation ( and The American Childhood Cancer Organization (

**Additional images upon request
**Winners Artwork Image Caption
From top to bottom:
–    Amber Moosvi, Age 17, Des Plaines, Illinois “Broken Bear”
–    Sammy Smith, Age 13, Sandusky, Ohio “You’re Almost There”
–    Tenia Richardson, Age 9, Michigan, “Love is Cure”
–    Laura Vargas, Age 10, San Antonio, Texas, “Name of Artwork: You Can Be Pain Free”
–    Erin Lisk, Age 12, Howell, New Jersey, “Name of Artwork:  Never Give Up”

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