Seven Simple Ways to Create Stronger Client Relationships

Seven Simple Ways to Create Stronger Client Relationships

While some small businesses grow into large companies, others fail to bring in new business and close quickly. The difference? The successful businesses spent time and energy on cultivating strong client relationships from the start.

Client relationships are much like any other relationship: they require clear communication, empathy, and understanding. They can also take years to build but will act as a strong foundation for your business to grow on. Here are seven simple ways to strengthen your relationships with clients.

  1. Communication is key. Your business shouldn’t just be easy to reach – your team should be approachable. Clients should feel comfortable reaching out to you if they have questions or concerns, knowing that you and your staff will listen intently and respond promptly.
  2. Ask for feedback. Keep the dialogue going by following up after purchases of your product or service, or send out simple surveys where they can give you feedback on their experience. This request allows you to troubleshoot problems and increases your clients’ sense of trust in your team.
  3. Treat clients as individuals. “We’ve seen this many times before” should rarely – if ever – be your response. Clients don’t want to feel like they’re receiving scripted advice; the more personalized your approach, the stronger your relationship.
  4. Take responsibility. Mistakes happen, but the worst thing you can do is brush them under the rug. Typically, the longer you wait to address an issue, the worse the consequences become. Clients appreciate it when you take responsibility for a mistake and tell them what you’re going to do to correct it. It earns their respect and shows that they are working with seasoned professionals.
  5. Set clear expectations…Your clients aren’t experts on your products or services, which is why they’re coming to you. Take the uncertainty out of the equation, and let them know your business is dependable by showing them what you are going to deliver and when you are going to deliver it.
  6. …And exceed them. Your clients expect excellent service from you, and you should be prepared to meet those expectations. You should continue to raise the bar on what your business has to offer because when you impress your customers, they keep coming back.
  7. Show appreciation. Offering a loyalty rewards program is a great way to thank long-time clients and incentivize new clients to keep coming back. If you chose to give away branded items, like hats, bags, or stickers, it could act as free advertising, too!

While there’s no shortcut to creating strong relationships with your clients, they can help your business thrive in the long run. Our team at SmartMarketing Communications can help you reach – and expand – your target market by developing and promoting your brand, online and off. Call us at 888-587-4593 to learn more about our business development and creative services.

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