Smart Spotlight: Allyson Zahm

Smart Spotlight: Allyson Zahm

Allyson Zahm’s love for wildlife fuels her passion for volunteering & teaching at the reptile and amphibian program at the Rio Grande Nature Center. As a matter of fact, it’s her favorite thing to do when she isn’t working as a Development Manager for the NM BioPark Society, which is dedicated to making the exceptional possible for the ABQ BioPark – including the Zoo, Aquarium, Botanic Garden & Tingley Beach.  Allyson’s passion for helping others fall in love with nature mirrors that of her favorite book – “The Secret Garden” –  the idea of playing outdoors all day and uncovering secrets and mysteries, yearning for a special garden where adults don’t go – We absolutely love how she has created her adult life from her dreams as a child – But her Mother was most influential – always reminding her to “chart her own course” and not to allow others to determine the life she would lead.

It is a sad fact, but 17% of New Mexico’s overall population lives at or below the poverty level, with some counties exceeding 25% (NM Economic Indicators 2011).  It is also projected that just over 1 in 10 of all New Mexicans will never have the opportunity to travel outside of the continental United States. With these stats in mind, the BioPark brings the WORLD to central New Mexico, allowing over 1.2 million visitors per year to experience plants & animals from all around the globe. The BioPark works hard to reinforce students’ classroom lessons, to provide families with a venue for exploration and wonder, and grows New Mexicans’ understanding of their ability to conserve locally for a real global impact. How fabulous is that?

Allyson’s position as Development Manager and her ability to make friends with just about everyone she meets helps keep the BioPark alive and well. To contribute to the BioPark or to talk to Allyson about becoming a part of a project that helps the BIoPark thrive, email: [email protected]


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