Public Relations Services

In today’s world, “good PR” is more important than ever.

We would like to offer you some GREAT PR. Smart public relations tactics… and smart thinking (with proven results) are what you can expect when you work with SmartMarketing Communications. We have over 30 years of experience in creating campaigns for business to business, business to consumer, and not for profit.

At SmartMarketing communications, we know how valuable a well thought out and executed public relations campaign can be in leveraging your reputation- and we’re experts in using traditional and some not-so-traditional methods to spread the word about your business to your target audiences.  We also know that smart PR doesn’t end with article placements and interviews on radio and television. Smart PR extends into all of your relationships, whether that means investor relations, community relations, peer relations and employee relations. Public Relations is all about the relationship and we excel at creating and maintaining relationships for our clients.

Hundreds of happy clients. Many awards in our industry. A lot of experience.

Lets talk about how we can create the right (and smart) public relations program for you!